RIDGE NIGHTLIFE AND DINING: A royal treat for local families

Like clockwork, the return to normalcy after an extended holidayvacation brought the arrival of frigid temperatures to make us wishwe were back under our covers, with visions of sugarplums dancingin our heads.

Across the city, January went from chilly to unbearable, astemperatures in the teens complicated our morning car warm-ups,froze our pipes, and ensured heating bills would give us somethingto whine about.

Luckily, the chill did not last and by Saturday, temperatures wereat an unseasonable high, which boggled our minds and left us sureMother Nature was the moodiest lady around.

In this long stretch of winter, when the only relief from stressand dropping barometers seems to be at home next to the spaceheater, Ridgeites need more options to make the season go byfaster. This weekend, Jamie-Lynn’s Kitchen will host yet anothergreat event for the whole family, sure to distract us from the factthat we still have another three months until spring tiptoes in tohelp.

Jamie-Lynn’s Kitchen, located at 1504 86th Street, is becoming afavorite of residents from the area, providing a cozy spot to kickback with the family for some unique comfort food.

In the short time it has been open, owner and executive chefJamie-Lynn Mollo has offered a ton of events from wine tastings tolive performances, cooking classes to Father’s Day brunches, allaimed at bringing families together.

Last month, Jamie-Lynn and her staff played host to area totsduring a Breakfast with Santa and Gingerbread Making Class. Thisweekend, the Kitchen will hold its annual Princess PancakeBreakfast, another event designed for parents and children to enjoytogether.

The event will take place on Sunday, January 15 with two seatings,one at 11 a.m. and the next at 1 p.m. Tickets are $10 each andinclude access to the buffet and juice. Coffee and additionalbeverages are available at an extra cost.

Seats are by reservation only, and like most Kitchen events, arefilling up fast. To reserve a seat, please call 718-232-3327. Formore information on this or other Jamie-Lynn’s Kitchen events,visit www.jamielynnskitchen.com.

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