Wine and dine at Bay Ridge’s newest wine bar, The Owl’s Head

A new park-inspired wine bar offers Bay Ridge residents andvisitors a taste of Brooklyn.

The Owl’sHeadplayground and relaxation spot at 68th Street andColonial Road, which opened its doors on December 20, features awide range of products from borough businesses, including localbrews and Mast Brothers Chocolate.

Co-owner John Avelluto explained the moniker, saying, Ifrequent the park with my girls and spend a good amount of timethere so I thought it would be a good idea to name it after thepark.

On hand to support Avelluto’s business venture was State SenatorMartin Golden, Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis and George Telmanyfrom the New York State Small Business Service office. Goldenwished Avelluto and The Owl’s Head a warm welcome, saying, It isgreat to see new businesses opening up in Bay Ridge. We mustcontinue to look for ways to develop and support small business soto keep our neighborhood a great place to live, work and raise afamily.

Avelluto is following Golden’s words about small businessdevelopment and camaraderie as he promises that The Owl’s Head willstock beverages and food from fellow Brooklyn businesses, as wellas global companies which have Brooklyn purveyors.

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