Dime holds special seminar for customers

Advance planning was the subject as Dime Savings Bank customersfrom three local branches — two in Bay Ridge and one inBensonhurst –came to Areo’s to enjoy some of the restaurant’sfamed foods and drinks and to get some savory tips on how toprepare for retirement on January 31.

The seminar was led by annuities expert Mary Ferrante, retailvice president of US Life, a strategic partner of Dime.

Dime feels the responsibility to educate customers aboutfinancial services and annuities, explained Larry Kinitsky, seniorvice president of marketing for Dime. Annuities are a product thatwe all should be aware of. We are holding a series of seminarsaround the branch network to educate customers about differentproducts.

Terence Mitchell, executive vice president and chief retailofficer, added, It’s a recognition of our better customers. Welike to help them round out their portfolios and give them a chanceto meet others from the company, he said, adding that holding theevent at Areo’s supports local business.

We are also on neutral ground with the customer so they can bemore at ease, Mitchell said.

Dime customer Elizabeth Mucci said she decided to come to theevent to educate herself. Everyday is a learning experience, shesaid. When you get older and have to save up for your goldenyears, it’s important that money be put in proper places. It’s verynice of Dime to be doing this. More banks should do it.

Ferrante explained that retirement today is very different thanit was just a few years ago. Retirement can last 20 to 30 years nowand with health care costs soaring and pension plans disappearing,things can be difficult. You have to have all the financial piecesin place, Ferrante said.

At the end of the presentation, Mucci said she felt it wasinformative. It’s a hard time we are going through today, so it’simperative to have resources for your investments so you havesufficient funds to retire, she said. We are living a lot longer,so our investments have to last longer.

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