RIDGE NIGHTLIFE AND DINING: Super Bowl Sunday at Lonestar

As a lifelong New Yorker, I never cease to be amazed by thededication of our tried-and-true fans. In good times and bad, NewYork fans show their dedication in various conventional andunconventional ways.

From tattoos to face paint, bumper stickers to head-to-toe fangear, New York fans are never afraid to announce their hometownpride to the world. During the winter months, bars and living roomsaround the city are packed tight with football fans, who take thestatus of their teams to heart.

They cheer, they shout, and some even cry as they follow everywin and loss from their favorite bar stool or couch cushion. On noday is this intense investment in our home team more apparent thanduring the biggest sports event of the year, Super Bowl Sunday.

This year, the Giants have earned their way to the Big Game andyou can be sure that the best Super Bowl parties in town will takeplace here, where rabid Giants fanatics will be watching everytouchdown with bated (and wing-scented) breath.

Lonestar Bar and Grill at Fifth Avenue and 87th Street will holdone such party, for a packed crowd. The favorite locale of Ridgesports fans has made a name for itself as one of the hottest spotsfor Sunday afternoon games, with a weekly party including drink andfood specials.

Lonestar will not disappoint with the Sunday Funday to end allothers, with no cover charge this weekend. The hot spot will offeran early bird special from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. including $3 domesticbeers as all televisions are tuned to pre-game coverage.

Later, fans will enjoy a free buffet during the game, with someof the best bar food in town (the wings are a must have!). $50 openbar bracelets will be on sale starting at 6:00 p.m., for those init for the long haul.

If you are like me, Super Bowl Sunday is as much about the foodand friends as it is about the football. Whether your face ispainted blue or not, Super Bowl Sunday in the Ridge is anexperience that is not to be missed.

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