Final Dumbo Beer Thursday

This Thursday come enjoy the final Dumbo Beer Thursday under the Manhattan Bridge.

Lunch from Rice & Miso Everyday and Foragers begins at 11:30 a.m., and includes foods such as brown rice balls filled with sour plum, miso or tuna, and burgers topped with greens as well as a veggie sandwich on gluten-free bread.

As for the beers, two special Kelso beers will be offered, the Pilsner and the Belgian Pale Ale and Brooklyn Oneology’s “Shindig.” With beer said to be flowing 3-9, featured artists are Alex Gross, Astrid Verhoef, David Graham Dulce Pinzon, Gregg Segal, as well as Maleonn Nicolas Silberfaden, Susanne Middelberg, and Walter Iraheta.

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