Brooklyn Desert Storm Vets Sought To Carry Flag In Parade

Borough President Marty Markowitz is looking to honor Brooklyn veterans at the New York City Veteran’s Day Parade on November 11.

Veterans who served in Operation Desert Storm, especially with the 102nd Maintenance Company of the National Guard, are being sought by Markowitz to carry the Brooklyn flag damaged during the liberation of Kuwait.

The flag, which now resides in the rotunda at Borough Hall, was harmed when an American Patriot missile hit an Iraqi Scud missile over the position held by the 102nd in 1991.

The United War Veterans Council of New York, which organizes the parade, has reserved a place of honor for the participating Brooklyn veterans who will present the flag at the parade.

Brooklyn veterans of Operation Desert Storm and the 102nd Maintenance Company of the National Guard who are interested in representing their borough should contact the United War Veterans at 212-843-9367.

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