Domestic violence officers, ADA honored at 62nd Precinct

The 62nd Precinct Community Council honored high performing officers with Cop of the Month awards at its meeting on November 20. But this month, David Weiss, a senior trial attorney at the Brooklyn district attorney’s office, was also honored for his great police work.

The latter came about after ADA Weiss prosecuted a suspect nabbed by the precinct’s March Cops of the Month, the day tour crime team consisting of Police Officers David Tan, Michael Scali and Atara Ashford, and Sergeant Jeremy Berson, who had busted career burglar Rami Abuzayed, explained the 62nd Precinct’s Special Operations Lieutenant Jim Guercio.

Abuzayed was found guilty of criminal possession of stolen property in the third degree for possession stolen property from five separate locations, including jewelry, cash, laptops and cameras. He was sentenced to three to six years in prison. He also is subject to deportation to his native Israel, where he is also wanted.

In addition, Police Officers Kelly Merrick and Dylan Kangas from the Domestic Violence Unit were honored. Merrick has been part of the unit for one year and Kangas has been a part of the unit for a year and a half. Combined, the officers have made a total of 72 arrests this year, so far.

Merrick and Kangas have made 935 home visits to domestic violence victims this year.

“These officers follow up and re-interview,” Guercio said. “There are four hyper-intense cases and one child at risk that they work with on a regular basis. Their work is instrumental at the 62.”

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