EcoHouse Open Until December 18

The battle to conserve energy took a step forward when El Puente Green Light District became the hosting site of the Community Environmental Center’s (CEC) EcoHouse and flicked on its energy efficient lights on Friday, November 16. The unveiling of the travelling EcoHouse helped introduce the importance of sustainability to local residents and M.S. 50 students, who collaborated with the CEC on bringing the project to Brooklyn.

“Since the EcoHouse went on the road at the end of September, 2,140 people have toured [it], 1,521 of them public school attendees from first through ninth grade,” explained Alexis Greene, public relations director of the CEC.

Unfortunately, the mobile classroom will be moving on yet again on Tuesday, December 18 – leaving its current location at M.S. 50 at 183 South Third Street. Until it leaves, everyone is invited to enjoy the free, energy efficient, interactive learning center lined with state-of-the-art displays aimed at educating students and residents about conserving energy and waging a war against climate change.

“We have loved working with El Puente, and the students… have been simply terrific,” said Erin Congdon, EcoHouse project director. “It’s a real joy to watch how these kids get into the energy-efficiency displays, especially the one about CFL lights. This is a real 21st-century classroom.”

The house is complete with a kitchen, bathroom and a living room, and will be serving other students, children and adults in the neighborhood until December 18th. Its labels and curiously shaped light bulbs are an inspiration to the local community, who are considering investing in energy-conserving appliances for their homes.

To learn more about the EcoHouse and CEC, and to see visitation times, log on to

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