STAR OF BROOKLYN: Allison Robicelli

Community Involvement: Allison Robicelli, co-owner with husband Matt of Robicelli’s, famous for its award-winning cupcakes, donates tens of thousands of dollars in products, time and services through her company to charities including City Harvest, Slow Food NYC, the Brooklyn Historical Society and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

In addition, she founded her own charity during a time of great need, with friends creating the Bay Ridge Cares kitchen following Hurricane Sandy.

“I came up with the idea, reached out to my old friend Justin Brannan for help, who then brought Karen Tadross on board,” said Robicelli. “From there, the project has taken on a life of its own with dozens of amazing people chipping in and taking the project further than I could ever have dreamed.”

Career Achievements: Robicelli’s greatest achievement has been making a successful and highly respected business out of cupcakes. The business has received numerable awards and recognitions. “We also have a personal letter from Martha Stewart where she writes about how much she loves our stuff, which is one of my proudest possessions,” said Robicelli.

Robicelli is also thrilled to begin an exciting new venture into writing. “Last year, an article I wrote for Nona Brooklyn went viral,” she said. “Earlier this year, I signed a deal with Penguin/Viking Studio who will be releasing our first book next fall.”

Personal Achievements: Robicelli cites the day when her mother called to ask cooking advice. “I grew up studying her, constantly asking her questions, going on trips with her to ethnic markets and different restaurants,” said Robicelli. “When she started coming to me to ask about cooking, I felt like I had made it.”

In addition, “I still think our greatest accomplishment is keeping our marriage amazing and raising two wonderful little boys while we grow this company,” said Robicelli. “My job is easy. Being a mom is hard.”

Challenges: “We’re always seeking that elusive balance of being successful entrepreneurs and parents of the year,” Robicelli admits. “If we ever figure it out, we’ll let you know.”

Motivation: “The only thing I have ever wanted to do with my life was to find a way to make millions of people happy,” Robicelli said.

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