Theater Review: “Colonial Nutcracker” at Brooklyn Center


It’s 1781 at Yorktown. The British Redcoats have just been defeated by the American Bluecoats. Yes, it may be a flashback to the colonial era, but the Mouse King’s minions have just lost the battle against “The Colonial Nutcracker” soldiers at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts.

At Sunday afternoon’s performance, Tchaikovsky’s immortal music, complemented by ballerinas and their partners, presented a colorful and comforting program, just right for the little ones.

A 10-foot “Mother Ginger,” snowflakes onstage, along with every delicious dancing sugar and spice, punctuated the afternoon with magical memories. The audience’s most wide-eyed were heard saying, “I could never stand on my tippy toes for even five minutes.” Another child affirmed, “I heard this song before!” as her mom explained the dance of the sugar plum fairies.

The narrator (Sonia Werner) shares the story which begins on Christmas Eve.  Before long, the audience is treated to colorful costumes, beautiful backdrops, wonderful music and unforgettable dancing. The sugar plum fairy (Miriam Rose) and her cavalier (Scott Lewis), Uncle Samuel (Dave Roeger) and his life-sized dolls never cease to amaze, no matter how often the tale is told.

The troupe credited with this memorable performance is known as “The Dance Theatre in Westchester.”  It hails from upstate but its message is universal. Artistic Director Rose-Marie Menes has nurtured her students for decades. No strangers to this venue, they are part of an ambitious schedule at the Walt Whitman Center for families running right through May. Pirates and princes are just some of the upcoming presentations that will surely delight the young at heart.

Call 718-951-4500 for showtimes or check the web at  As always, save me a seat on the aisle.

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