Muffin’s Pet Connection: Week of January 3

DEAR JUDE: PLEASE HELP me to have a Happy New Year…Hello, my new name is Mia.I used to have another name, but that was before Sandy the hurricane. Rain and wind came and washed my old life away. I had a great life.I enjoyed a comfortable cushion, regular meals, a warm place to sleep and loving people.I purred a lot.

“Then the storm came.It was suddenly dark all around.I was very wet. I was frightened.I ran and ran. I meowed, but no one answered, so I hid under some stairs.When the rain and wind stopped, I came out, looking around.Nothing was familiar.Nothing smelled right.I was lost.

“I waited, but nobody came to find me.I wandered looking for food.I was terribly hungry.My beautiful white fur was matted, my lovely gray markings seemed dirty.Sometimes I found scraps of food;sometimes I found pools of water to drink.I became weak and sad.

“Then I found a street with food.Kind children brought me milk and petted me.A nice lady put out food for me and other homeless cats; I ate there each day.Still, I was sad, lost and alone.

“Finally, I found the new people, the ones who call me Mia.First they gave me a box with blankets by their front door.They fed me there; I ate while they kept other cats from taking my food. I tried to get inside the house, but hadno luck.They are allergic.

“These wonderful people still take care of me.They feed me every day, let me rest on their back porch, and at night when it is cold, they let me sleep in their basement.They have helped me a lot, but I need a real home. I want to be petted and cherished.I want a real home again.Can you help me?

Please contact Dave at 718-998-9745 or


PetSmart has announcedClaudia’s Cuisine has issued avoluntary product withdrawalfor Dog CandyFruit Hound Cake (7.5oz) and Dog Candy Blueberry Hound Cake (7.5oz) due to possible contamination with mold.

For more information, contact Claudia’s Cuisine’s Customer Service at 501-851-0002 or email

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