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Unsung Bay Ridge: Week of January 17


Melissa Farley is an ordinary 17-year-old senior at Poly Prep who is quietly doing extraordinary things. This young lady was brought to my attention by one of the organizers of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation because of the thousands of dollars she has raised with the help of fellow students.

Melissa organized students from six schools to assist fundraising efforts to build a smart home for Sergeant Bryan Dilberian, who is now a triple amputee due to wounds sustained in Afghanistan.

The fundraising team at each school sells rubber bracelets for $5.00. All proceeds go to the home. The project continues, though it has been affected by the Superstorm Sandy.

Melissa also edits the school newspaper, is vice president of the Environmental Club, volunteers to tutor students, and is an animal rescue volunteer.

What’s next? Hopefully, Notre Dame …. it will be lucky to have her.

UNSUNG HEALTH TIPS: Unsung Folk Remedies for the Flu

Some of my friends are down for the count with this raging flu bug. Please consult your doctor if you are ill.

However, for centuries people have sworn that some of the following folk remedies have brought them relief from cold and flu symptoms:

•One tablespoon apple cider vinegar in a glass of hot apple juice.

•Grate two garlic cloves in a bowl of hot chicken soup or crush one clove in a cup of warm milk.

•Cut one lemon in half and suck after sprinkling with black pepper and salt.

•Gargle or rinse with hydrogen peroxide (do not swallow).

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