Unsung Bay Ridge: Week of January 3


Bay Ridge Parkway between Fourth and Fifth Avenues may not be Mr. Roger’s neighborhood, but we have Susan Brown. I glance out of my windows and see her sweeping the sidewalk way past her house early in the mornings.

She picks up leaves, and chats with cheerfully with passers-by. Susan visits sick neighbors and keeps together the neighborly feeling of the block, which could have easily been lost in the abundance of medical offices on our “Doctors Row.” Every block deserves a Susan Brown, and I am glad we have her on ours.

UNSUNG HEALTH TIPS: Folk remedies that help to keep us healthy

Ask anyone on the streets of Bay Ridge for a stomach ulcer or digestive disorder remedy, and you would most likely be sent to the pharmacy. However, did you know that one of the most potent remedies can be found in your refrigerator?

The lowly cabbage is a powerhouse vegetable with little-known health benefits. A study in Japan showed that people who ate cabbage regularly had the lowest death rate for all types of cancers.

Eating cole slaw or sauerkraut regularly will keep you regular. Eight ounces of cabbage juice daily will alleviate most stomach ulcers in one week. Cabbage strengthens the eyes and helps alleviate kidney and bladder disorders Try both red and green raw cabbage help to clear toxins from the body.

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