Broadway comes to Kingsborough with “Broadway Backstage”

“I feel like if you love theater, if you’re into musicals and you can’t get to see ‘Wicked,’ then you should come see our show.”

Daniel C. Levine is the creator of “Broadway Backstage,” presented by On Stage at Kingsborough as part of its spring 2013 series, for the first time. It will be premiering on March 23, giving the audience a backstage look at some unforgettable Broadway bloopers.

Levine has been on Broadway for 20 years starring in shows like “Les Miserables,” “Chicago,” “Mamma Mia,” “Tommy” and “Little Shop of Horrors.” He and a talented cast, composed of five other Broadway stars, will be performing their “show-stopping numbers.”
“Every show is different,” Levine said, when speaking of acting in “Mamma Mia.” “Wouldn’t it be cool to show the audience what happens when you forget a line, or if your wig falls off?

“People just love great singers who sing great Broadway songs!”

Between them, the six actors have appeared in 25 Broadway shows. Sarah Litzsinger is a really well known Disney star, who performed in “The Beauty and the Beast,” said Levine. Matt Farnsworth appeared in “Sunset Boulevard.” Jenn Conella stars in “Chaplin,” about film icon Charlie Chaplin. Cheryl Stern’s Broadway credits include “La Cage Aux Folles,” and “Laughing Room Only,” and lastly Michael Seelback appeared in “Footloose” and “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

Video interviews of actual footage will be shown during the two-hour show, including the actors’ auditions and how they got to be in these incredible Broadway hits.

“You don’t really think what [we’ve] gone through to get the part,” added Levine, explaining that it’s interesting to hear about the actors’ experiences of “being a big hit,” and signing autographs after the show for a few years and the “next day, you’re unemployed.

“One day you’re hot, the other you’re not,” laughed Levine, saying that a segment of the show is going to be dedicated to this.

Additionally, the actors will be showing a section called “costume mishaps,” which focuses on the “what-went-wrong moments,” of the shows, including Levine forgetting to put pants on for a scene in “Chicago,” where he was playing a woman and was revealed as a man.

Tickets cost $25 and the show starts at 8 p.m.

Join them for a good laugh!

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