Muffin’s Pet Connection: Happy’s tail

HAPPY’S TAIL: Happya large, loving, Mastiff-Pit-Shepherd combo or whatever mix you see in him, is just about the most a happy-go-lucky dog you can meet, grateful to have a warm place to sleep and a full belly.

This young boy was found roaming the streets; he has been neutered and is current with shots. Happy is probably just under a year old and still has his goofy clumsy puppy play. He is a looker with gorgeous tan eyes that urge you to love him.

He loves cats and dogs and understands when a cat says no! He does understand “no,” “sit” and “stay,” and is eager to learn. He is a gentle dog who we think was abused in his previous home and he is super eager to please. He also has no food or cage aggression.

Please call Laurie from BROOKLYN ANIMAL FOSTER NETWORK917-754-3537 Mention The Home Reporter and Muffin’s.

SUGGESTION: If you have lost your dog, place a yard sign in front of your house, with a photo of the missing pet and your phone number. People who find a dog often will walk or drive around the area, trying to locate the pet’s owner.

HEY JUDE: Other rescuers and I have been receiving emails from people who acquired our info from the ASPCA. Ninety percent are related to having cats outside their windows and doors needing help.

“It means they have no shelter and are in need of assistance. If you have a basement, bathroom, spare room, let the cat in FIRST. Then try to get a rescue group to take it if you cannot keep it. Too many people expect us to run over to their homes, get the animals and leave with them.

I currently am housing 10 cats. There are five more in the basement and six feral cats in a garage with a heater. If I can handle 21, please handle one. It is freezing. If you need info on how to get a shy or scared cat inside feel free to email Please include a phone number — Thanks, Nancy.

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