Muffin’s Pet Connection: Edie needs a home

HEY JUDE: “Please help us find the right home for one-and-a-half-year-old Edie, a beautiful grey, diluted-brindle/ lab mix. She is gorgeous, and gets compliments everywhere she goes.

“A medium-sized pooch at about 55 pounds, she is vetted, spayed, vaccinated and a real sweet pea. Cuddling is her thing, and she is a great napper. She gets along very well with other dogs and is never aggressive or over-interested, always friendly and quickly became fast friends with her foster family’s dog.

“She is good with cats, too, displaying interest but never chasing or them. Her playtime with older kids is good, too. She is a fast learner, and responds well and quickly to positive rewards. Edie always sits and patiently waits when she needs something, and obeys her commands very well.

“She loves to do the right thing, and her confidence is growing as she learns more and more. Edie does not like to feel alone, though she is working on this and making progress, and might be happiest with another sweet dog around.

“She has a lot of love and affection to share with the people and animals around her. Edie is a real bundle of affection, and will be a wonderful forever addition to the right loving home. Please contact Laurie Bleier from Brooklyn Animal Foster Network at Mention The Home Reporter.”


ATTENTION ALL CAT LOVERS: THIS CRUELTY MUST BE STOPPED!…Alley Cat Allies reports that a high-ranking representative of the National Audubon Society just published a major newspaper editorial calling on the public to kill millions of cats by poisoning them with Tylenol, informing readers that Tylenol is “a completely selective feral-cat poison.”

Murdering cats is morally wrong, shameful, hateful, irresponsible and goes against God and nature. Thou shall NOT KILL. Poisoning is a slow and cruel death for cats. Killing a cat is a criminal offense in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Ted Williams used a major media platform to call for cats to be killed illegally and torturously. Please sign this petition and spread the word … our voices need to heard for our feline friends.

FOSTER CARE IS NEEDED — mommy cats and their babies need temporary shelter. E-mail

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