Etiquette Boss: Giving Old Glory its due

July 4th is just around the corner and Old Glory will be flying from just about every flagpole in the country. However well-intentioned, many Americans violate the flag code every year.

This is an opportune time to teach your children basic flag etiquette. While attending a function to celebrate the holiday, indicate that the flag is positioned to the speaker’s right (the position of honor) or center and above the speaker’s head on a wall.

Teach them that the flag is treated as a living thing because it represents living Americans. Make a game of counting beautiful flags.

Ask what would a tattered flag say of the country it represents? Similarly, go out at night, have them check for any flag being flown in darkness without a light shining on it. Darkness indicates sleep, rest or defeat. Our flag is always alert.

Similarly, it should not touch or be dragged on the ground. Our country should never be associated with being down; therefore, laying the flag flat on the hood of a car is also inappropriate. Always upright, it should fly from the right fender.

Explain that even the flag’s image is subject to the same code. Ask why would a door mat with a flag image be inappropriate? After July 4thYOUR BEST APPEARANCE

“We can grow gray in our spirit long before we grow gray in our hair” — Charles Lamb

I have long espoused one beauty routine or another to help us present our best physical appearance. However, I have been remiss in stating that which I truly believe regarding beauty: attractiveness is age proof.

I have seen the youth shun the young and compete to be around the old. I recall asking Mr. Jehle, Ann Edwards’ late dad, why his grandchildren so loved his company. With a smile, he replied, “you have to make being pleasant a lifelong habit. It does not suddenly appear when you are old.”

This word of wisdom was added to my beauty arsenal along with my lotions and potions. Thank you, Mr. Jehle.

Phillipa Morrish is the president of Etiquette Training International.

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