Star of Brooklyn: Jessica Corbin

JESSICA CORBIN, Founding Director of the Bella Voce Singers


PERSONAL LIFE: Jessica Corbin was born in Pittsburgh and has been surrounded by music since. Corbin started to play the piano at age four, and took formal lessons starting in the third grade. She moved to New York in 1997 and Brooklyn in 1998. She is married with children. Her two elder sons play the trumpet and guitar, while her younger daughter is interested in playing any instrument available to her.


COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Corbin is very involved in community choir, and is the founding director of the Bella Voce Singers, a women’s choir. “Community choir is more than something that anyone can join; it’s a way to represent the community, and be a part of your community,” Corbin said. Corbin is also musical director of St. Andrew the Apostle’s Church. She plays piano, and is involved in musical theatre there. “I couldn’t imagine doing anything else, I still can’t imagine doing anything else,” she said.


CAREER: Corbin earned her masters degree in music theory from Indiana University. She teaches at Kingsborough Community College in the theater department. This fall, Corbin will be debuting a piece based on the Diary of Anne Frank. She will be collaborating with the Anne Frank Museum and members of the clergy in the community. She hopes this will provide an opportunity for a dialogue to get started.

“Music is such an easy way to bring people together—it’s how I feel I can make a difference. I believe very strongly in the power of music, and what it can do for people. It allows them to feel and express things that are hard for them to do otherwise,” Corbin said.


BIGGEST CHALLENGE: While juggling motherhood with her performance group rehearsal schedule, you would think that Corbin has her plate full, but she is still bursting with big ideas. Her biggest challenge is “doing everything inside my head.” If she could have it her way, “I [Corbin] would have two more days in a week, and ten more hours every day!”

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