Vandalism has business owner seeking answers

Richard Mills, owner of Bay Ridge CrossFit on Third Avenue, was dumbfounded when he came to work and saw that his storefront—made almost entirely of glass—had been shattered on the night of May 24. To make matters worse, a large bag of garbage had been hurled into the workout area.

“It was clear that this was no accident,” said Mills.

CrossFit had previously received a warm welcome from the neighborhood, according to Mills. In its nearly six months of business, the business had only received one minor noise complaint, referring to an after class ritual which entails members clapping and cheering for one another.

“Our purpose is to bring CrossFit to Bay Ridge, and hopefully benefit the community members,” said Mills, who was saddened and angered by the incident.

State Senator Marty Golden was also disappointed that a local business had fallen victim to such a terrible act.

“They fit in our community, and they’re our family. This was an act of vandalism, and CrossFit should not have to deal with such a deed. It was aggressive, but luckily no one was hurt,” said Golden.

“We are sincerely hoping that this was a random act of stupidity and not a pre-meditated form of harassment,” said Mills.

Mills is still looking for answers, and hopes that other Third Avenue businesses do not suffer from the same kind of deliberate destruction. If you have any information regarding this crime, please call 347-560-6911, or e-mail

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