MTA funds may increase G train service as part of improvements in 2014

New York City public transit will be getting an additional $18 million in service improvements over the coming year, according to the preliminary 2014 budget of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), which already includes an $11.5 million increase — required to accommodate increased ridership — and $11 million in technology upgrades and special projects.

The unexpected windfall comes from the state budget, which allocated $40 million to the MTA.

MTA board members have yet to officially decide what services the funds will be used for, but several board members have reportedly joined many city officials in advocating for it to go towards restoring and increasing subway and bus service.

Part of those service improvements would be on the G train, as a service increase was recommended in the G Train Full Line Review, released last week by the MTA.

“Last week we announced major improvements for G train riders following the Full Line Review we requested. And now, one week later, it seems that increased evening rush service will become a reality, allowing the G to keep pace with skyrocketing growth in Brooklyn and Queens,” said State Senator Daniel Squadron of Brooklyn,” who along with Queens State Senator Martin Dilan requested the Full Line Review.

“From more trains to less bunching and an end to the G Train Sprint, G will finally stand for Great News for riders,” Squadron added.

“These service increases are exactly what riders need, and they couldn’t come at a better time,” said John Raskin, Executive Director of the Riders Alliance.  “More people ride the subways and buses now than at any time since 1950.  The subways are crowded and the buses can seem few and far between.”

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