Brooklyn Education: TreesNY visits St. Saviour High School

Before the school year ended, St. Saviour High School students and faculty member Janet Cardone joined forces with Trees New York (TreesNY) to plant flowers in tree beds in front of St. Saviour Church.

TreesNY is an environmental and urban forestry nonprofit organization. Its mission is to plant, preserve and protect New York City’s urban forest through education, active citizen participation and advocacy. The program helps educate students about the benefits that trees bring to the urban environment.

* * *

This summer, some of Bishop Kearney‘s rising seniors took advantage of advanced educational opportunities offered by a variety of organizations, colleges and universities.

Nadia Bon participated in the NYU Courant Institute Girls’ Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Summer Internship Program. Julianna Emilio spent 19 days in the People to People Ambassador Program: Exploring Europe.

Kristen Walsh took part in an expedition entitled New Worlds: Italy Photography Adventure with a National Geographic Photographer.Susan Basik attended a summer program called Exploring Engineering at the University of Maryland.Margaret Iuni participated in a writing seminar at St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn.

Mandy Chin and Jacqueline Cardin spent five weeks as interns in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, observing the processes and procedures of the office.

Daniela Cardinale had an internship with the well-known author, Adriana Trigiani, whose books are included on Kearney’s required reading list. Zoya Seaform enjoyed an internship at the 42nd Street Theater, learning about what is involved in working behind the scenes of a Broadway production.

Melissa Colandra enjoyed working as a docent at the New York Aquarium in Coney Island, which has just recently reopened after being damaged by Hurricane Sandy last year.Rising sophomores Julia Lam and Jerina Carmona also spent time during the summer as docents at the New York Aquarium.

* * *

St. Edmund Preparatory High School offers a college marketing class accredited by St. John’s University. This year, guided by instructors Mr. Amatrucola and Mr. Colin Pinnavaia, the class was run as a mock company comprised of several departments including communications, human resources, and corporate.

The objective for the company, named Elite, was to sell a product desired by the student body. Each department was in charge of an individual task such as conducting market research or product advertising.

Students learned about various business concepts such as feasibility and finding a niche. They also learned about the value of peer leadership.

After conducting its research, Elite designed a sweatshirt featuring the letters SEP” to represent the school. All proceeds from the sweatshirt sales were used to fund a service project for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

The service project consisted of making 45 baskets filled with toys, clothing and blankets for the premature infants in the NICU.

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