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Finger Bowl Etiquette

I would be the first to admit that the finger bowl and the dodo bird seem to have flown away together to the land of Oz. However, there is one little difference — while the dodo bird has not been seen in centuries, the finger bowl pops up every now and then at dinner tables after an entrée that includes messy or sticky finger foods.

his is enough reason in my opinion, to teach teenagers that if a small bowl, similar to a cereal bowl, is brought to the dining table on a plate, with a little water and a slice of lemon, it is not there to quench their thirst.

The finger bowl has its own etiquette. The finger-tips of each hand are swished alternately, never both hands in the bowl at the same time, nor is the entire hand ever dunked.

Swish fingertips lightly and pat on the napkin. Do the same with the other hand. The bowl and underlying paper doily are then lifted to the upper left side of the plate (where the bread plate would normally be positioned.) The dessert knife/spoon and fork are then removed from the plate and placed on the table to await the arrival of the dessert course.

Hot or cold towels have replaced the finger bowl on airlines or better restaurants. However, finger bowls do show up when least expected, and in the event that your teenager is ever presented with one while dining at home or abroad, that deer-in-the-headlights look would be reserved for others at the table.

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As we age, our lips, like other muscles in our bodies, tend to droop. To restore that perky lip line without artificial methods, sit comfortably and purse your lips as though getting ready to kiss.

Keep lips together and pout as if trying to touch your nose. Count five and release. Repeat five times.

Another exercise is to press lips firmly together without clenching the teeth. Smile with your lips while sucking in the sides of the mouth so that it appears hard to the touch. Count five and release. Repeat five times.

Phillipa Morrish is the President of Etiquette Training International.

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