Vandalism on Third Avenue

A Bay Ridge vandal has left his mark on a Third Avenue business.

Early Monday morning, an unknown white male approached the office of Ben Bay Realty Co., located at 8416 Third Avenue, and over the course of 20 minutes, tossed two bricks at the storefront window. The whole act was captured on surveillance cameras.

“He passed by once and scoped out the area, but it seemed like he got scared because there were people around,” said Charles Fabbella, a partner at Ben Bay.

The first brick shattered one window, and the second brick dented the other window. Both windows will have to be replaced.

“I hope this guy will end up behind bars, or at least pay for my damage,” said Fabbella, “I’m upset that someone could just get away with something like this. We all go to work every single day to provide a great service. It’s so much easier to speak to each other rather than take action– that’s what police are for. There’s laws in America so that you don’t have do something like that– it’s wrong. We don’t have bars, we don’t have gates, we want to keep Third Avenue beautiful, so when something like this happens, it’s terrible.”

The culprit appears to be left-handed, and Fabbella, along with everyone at Ben Bay is asking for Ridgeites’ help in identifying him.

The surveillance video is available on Youtube, at or by searching “Reward for Information on Ben Bay Realty Co. of Bay Ridge Vandalism.”

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