LIC Flea launches Antique Antics to success

Garrett Maney, IV and Dante Mella had so much success with their antiques table at the LIC Flea that they have opened a brick-and-mortar shop in their native New Jersey.

Antique Antics specializes in “unique pieces, stuff you just can’t find anywhere else,” including antique, collectible and refurbished items. Maney has been buying and selling antiques for four years now, but never imagined it would take him this far.

“I have always enjoyed antiques and the quality of the way things were made 50-plus years ago,” Maney explained, adding that he lives in Linden, New Jersey, his partner lives in Plainfield and the shop is located in Westfield.

“I was out of work and praying on it and this basically fell into my lap,” he said. “I started out with a box or two of things that I already had and started selling. I worked my way up to the point that now I have my own storefront with multiple rooms.”

Maney met Mellam, who specializes in repurposing items, at a flea market in New Jersey a year and half ago and started working together.

“As soon as we heard about LIC Flea, we gave it a shot and loved it,” Maney said. “We have been told multiple times by multiple people that we have the best stuff at the Flea. Everyone has been so good to us. Even though we have a storefront and are doing well, we want to continue to do it [be at the Flea]. That’s key.”

Maney and Mella will still continue going to the Flea even with their shop open, mostly on Saturdays.

Antique Antics, which opened on August 15, is 1,300 square feet with three separate departments, or “theme rooms” — Alexandra’s Treasures, Mantiques and the Gallery.

“Alexandra’s has jewelry, furniture, glassware, collectable figurines, crystal, mirrors, all the pretty things,” Maney said. “Mantiques has everything from vintage cameras to beer cans, beer signs, oil cans, railroad lanterns and antique license plates. The Gallery is predominantly modern, local artists we like to feature, as well as some antique pieces.”

Maney said that his secret to success is “lots of prayer and lots of hard work.

“It’s amazing, just surreal,” he said of having his own shop. “When I was on my way here on opening day, I was literally in tears because specifically I felt so blessed to be able to open my store.”

You can check out Antique Antics on their Facebook page at

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