Muffin’s Pet Connection: Week of September 4


PURRS  AND KISSES… “I AM ZIGGY, the sweetie kitty on the planet; everyone says that! At Dr. Sinha’s, while being tested, de-wormed, Front-Lined, ear tipped, and fondled, I was the purrfect cat. My purr machine was set at high volume; the techs and vet had to speak above my constant murmurs.

“If I could speak human, I would say that I am neutered. The angels came and took my mommy, and her bereaved family scooted me outside, locking the door. I was no longer welcomed in the home where I had lived for seven years. I lost my mommy, my toys, my special food bowls, my home.

“All alone in this big, cold, unfriendly world, I wandered the streets, going from home to home, following humans, rubbing up on their legs, looking for someone to pick me up and take me home.

“Finally, a nice lady scooped me up, brought me to the vet, and a foster mom is caring for me. BUT she cannot keep me any longer. I NEED A HOME, I NEED SOMEONE TO GIVE MY HEART TO, I NEED YOU.” —  Please call Linda, 718-946-5965.


Adoptapalooza returns to Union Square Park. The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals is proud to present Adoptapalooza Union Square in partnership with the Petco Foundation on Sunday, September 8, Noon-5:00 p.m.


HEY JUDE:  “I am facing a life-altering dilemma. I am in-love with my new beau, and I am in love with Charlie, my cuddle bunny, senior cat. He has lived with me for a decade; he is my family, friend and protector.

“But he hates Franklin, my soon-to-be roomie.  He hisses, arches his back and swats, giving him THAT DEFIANT cat look. I am afraid of my cat when he acts out.

“This strain is not helping my relationship.  Franklin remains calm, while I become unglued. I am hopeful that someday Franklin and I will have a future together. Right now, I need him to move into my three-room apartment; I need his half of the rent.

“This is making me sick. I cannot sleep or eat. It is affecting my work. We spoke on the phone a few times; thanks for listening to me. I will follow your common sense suggestions, and write with the results of your kitty cat magic formulas.” — Dorothy, Hopeful in Dyker Heights

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