Partying in Victorian Flatbush at the Flatbush Frolic

Crowds thronged Cortelyou Road on Sunday, September 15, for the 38th annual Flatbush Frolic.

The event – which brings together community members from across Victorian Flatbush and beyond – was a distinct hit, thanks to bright sun and comfortable temperatures, as well as the festival’s offerings.

These included lots of music, vendors, kiddy rides and traditional treats from around the world, as grills sizzled and the fragrance of freshly cooked foods wafted through the air along the thoroughfare between Coney Island and Ocean Avenues.

Among the highlights were a pizza-eating contest, a first for the event, at Cortelyou Road mainstay, San Remo Pizzeria, as well as performances by local groups.

Music filled the air during the Flatbush Frolic.

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