SANDY ONE YEAR LATER: Hope and hardship continue in Brooklyn

One year after Superstorm Sandy hit New York City, residents of Brooklyn continue to struggle with getting back on their feet. Whether trying to rebuild their homes, churches and businesses while navigating insurance red tape, or battling mold and lack of heat and electricity, or shuttling between hotels due to not having a home to return to, Brooklynites have persevered and banded together, with varying degrees of success.

With that in mind, Brooklyn elected officials and community leaders from Sandy-affected neighborhoods gathered at Brooklyn Borough Hall on October 24 to discuss the successes of the past year and the ongoing needs of the residents they serve.

According to the initial findings of the Brooklyn Recovery Fund in their one-year-report, “housing, physical and mental health, immigrants and undocumented residents, small businesses, and community-wide infrastructure in Brooklyn’s coastal neighborhoods need extensive resources and government assistance.”

The borough president’s office and Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce pledged to speed up delivery of human and financial resources—including the Build It Back program—as the year winds down. Similarly, Mayor Michael Bloomberg celebrated the continued implementation of his “A Stronger, More Resilient New York” plan through adding sand to beaches, building tide gates, upgrading building codes, launching revitalization competitions, and encouraging investments by utility companies.

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