Unsung Bay Ridge: A quiet hero


My unsung hero of the week is Sgt. David Eng, an auxiliary police at the 68th precinct who has worked 20 to 25 hours every week for the past eight years in service to our community. David volunteers many of his weekends, as he directs traffic on Sundays at some of our local churches. Last week I saw him lead the detail at the Meals on Wheels Walk for the Bay Ridge Center. David is an electronic engineer who also volunteers on his co-op board. He attends planning meetings for our public events and his presence and warm smile are always welcome, and help to nspire a feeling of safety in public places. All members of the volunteer unit deserve our recognition and thanks, but the spotlight is on Sgt. David Eng this week.


Congratulations are in order for my good friend, Anne Strafaci, Development Director of St. Patricks Parish. Anne has been selected as a Deputy Grand Marshal in the 2014, Park Slope St. Patricks Parade. I am delighted at the good news because Anne has assisted the organization for years. This recognition is well deserved.

Belated Happy Birthday greetings to my good friends, Mae Dunn and Sonia Abi-Habib, who recently shared a September birthdate. Mae is actively involved in the American Legion and Sonia is President of the Visitation Academy Parents Association. Two of Bay Ridge’s finest ladies. May they enjoy many more happy and healthy ones.


I recently saw the birthday celebration of a man who celebrated his 111th birthday, and he looked not a day older than 75. He walks a mile every morning and is a vegetarian. When asked the secret of his longevity, he said he credited five foods for keeping him healthy and alert: cinnamon, honey, garlic, chocolate and olive oil. He eats mostly fresh fruit and vegetables because he believes that you are what you eat. Check out Bernardo La Pallo on Youtube if you are interested in his story. He claims “I’ve never been sick a day in my life.”

Please consult your doctor if you are ill or on any medication.

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