American CurrentSee: A New Publication That Empowers the People

(NewsUSA) – America used to be considered a superpower — a place where dreams were made. While, globally, it is still considered a great nation, there is no arguing that its image has become tarnished as of late, and it’s citizens a little more tired.

To that end, a new weekly publication has been established to empower those in despair — especially those in the African American community.

Launched by the Washington Times, American CurrentSee ( hopes to get its readers to embrace economic opportunities, moral leadership and freedom from what its executive editor terms, a suffocating government.

America has fulfilled the dreams of so many people, but our founder, Dr. Ben Carson, worries that today’s generation has been lulled into a complacency that is destroying their dream, says Executive Editor Armstrong Williams. Opportunity has been replaced by despair. Mediocrity has supplanted excellence. We want to demolish this cultural failure and inspire the next generation with role models who have proven that the American dream is alive and well.

The catalyst for the magazine, according to Williams, is to provide hope, more than anything else.

We feel that the ruling elite has convinced too many young adults today that it’s okay to stay at home and live in your parents’ basement, play video games or aimlessly roam the streets at night with your friends, he says. After all, you can get a monthly check, a free cell phone, health insurance, for doing nothing.

To combat this line of thinking, the magazine will embrace character, marriages and families and eschew government dependence as a form of self-reliance.

We are thrilled to launch this publication and to inject new perspectives into a debate longing for fresh leadership, says Larry Beasley, president and CEO of the Times. We believe American CurrentSee can find common ground, shared principles and solutions for community, church and business leaders looking for a new path to restore the American dream.

No one needs to be dependent in this nation of freedom, adds Dr. Carson.

Currently, the magazine is available only online and is delivered every Sunday via email It’s accessible by laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone, and a print version will be available at a later date. Subscriptions are free.

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