See More Green With DIY Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System

(NewsUSA) – If you like the idea of a lush, green lawn and garden but dread the thought of dragging around a hose or sprinkler all summer, then you may want to consider installing an in-ground sprinkler system.

While some systems can get complex and difficult to install, others are affordable do-it-yourself projects.

Not convinced this is a DIY project for you? According to Popular Mechanics, today’s sprinkler components are easier than ever to assemble. A product like the Rain Bird 32ETI Easy To Install Automatic Sprinkler System, for instance, retails for less than $199 at home improvement stores and Internet retailers. It can be easily installed in one afternoon and doesn’t require tapping into underground water lines.

This new system offers do-it-yourselfers a more efficient, automatic way to achieve a beautiful, green lawn without having to drag out a hose or remember to move a sprinkler around, says Ray Peppiatt, marketing manager of Rain Bird Consumer Products Division.

The system efficiently waters an area up to up to 3,000-square-feet, and conveniently sources water from any outdoor hose faucet.

As with any DIY project, the heavy lifting is often in the planning. To help, many manufacturers provide installation video tutorials and helpful tips on their websites. In the case of the Rain Bird 32ETI System, you get all of the supplies necessary for a simple five-step installation, including distribution tubing, fittings, an automatic timer and six professional grade, high-efficiency, pop-up rotary sprinklers.

Now [homeowners] can spend the weekend enjoying their yard instead of worrying about watering it, says Peppiatt.

Keep in mind, experts say proper watering is one of the most important things you can do to keep your lawn healthy. By doing so, it can raise the value of your home by as much as 14 percent.

Finally, to make sure the sprinkler system doesn’t overwhelm your water bill, be sure to find one that comes with an automatic timer. Simply program your desired watering schedule for any day of the week, as many times as you’d like your lawn and garden watered.

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