Letter to the Editor: Going public


July, 2014 marks the50th anniversary of federal government support forpublic transportation.The success ofpublic transportation can be traced back toone of the late President Lyndon Johnson’s greatest accomplishments which continuesbenefitingmany Americans today.

On July 10, 1964, he signed the Urban Mass Transportation Act of 1964 into law.Subsequently, this hasresulted in the investment over timeof several hundred billion dollars into public transportation.

Millions of Americans — including many residing in Kings Countytoday– on a daily basis utilize various public transportation alternatives.They includelocal and expressbus, ferry, jitney,light rail, subway andcommuter rail services.All of these systems use less fuel and move far more people than conventional single occupancy vehicles. Most ofthesesystems are funded with your tax dollars, thanks to President Johnson.

Depending upon where you live, consider the public transportation alternative.Try riding a local or express bus, commuter van, ferry, light rail, commuter rail or subway.

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