Cove Reunion mines the past to benefit the future

Favorite Ridge bands from the ‘80s will return to the local music scene for one night only during 2014, during the Cove Reunion, an annual event to benefit the Guild for Exceptional Children.

On October 4, music lovers and Guild supporters will converge on the Salty Dog, 7509 Third Avenue, beginning at 1:30 p.m. for an afternoon and evening of live music, food and raffle prizes.

Organizer of the sixth annual event, Mike Riddle, who was the lead guitarist in the popular rock band City Kids in the ‘80s, notes, “I’d been aware of The Guild For Exceptional Children as being a worthy homegrown organization of Bay Ridge, and it still is and more. It is the perfect charity to partner with since this is about Brooklyn and more specifically Bay Ridge.”

Among the groups scheduled to perform are Steppin’ Back, Shot of Southern Comfort, Head and South, Cassone & D’Emic, Piranha Bros, City Kids, The Lynch Boys and Workin’ Class.

Riddle, who will be performing at the event as well as putting it together, stressed, “These are bands that were great and still sound great reunited.

“This event has been a great success for the past five years and we hope that in addition to raising money, awareness of The Guild has also been raised,” Riddle added. “We could not think of a better organization to support.”

The Guild is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to, “Help children and adults living with developmental disabilities lead to dignified and satisfying lives, reaching their fullest potential and assisting families in every step of their journey.”

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