Muffin’s Pet Connection: Cats in need

HEY JUDE: KOOL KITTY KATS NEED A NEW HOME… “I am Trouble, a very handsome white and orange cat. They gave me that name ’cause I am sort of kitten-like and play a lot. Okay, so sometimes I get into mischief. But, I am a really charming fellow.

“I have been told I look exactly like the Puss ‘n’ Boots cartoon character from Shrek. I think I have his personality, too. I was found in an alley with Meadow by a 17-year-old girl who brought me home to her mom; we have been living there ever since. I would like to be adopted with Meadow. But, hey, we are both independent and would do all right in separate homes too. The reason our humans are giving us up is because of a move out-of-state where cats are not allowed.

“I am a three-year-old, de-clawed, neutered male and I can never go outside because I cannot defend myself or climb a tree to get away. But that is all right. I just want to stay inside with somebody who will love me and spoil me rotten – as if I am not spoiled enough already. I dine on Purina One dry food. They give me all varieties, but I also get Friskies sometimes which tastes great. I have all my shots, and have tested negative for Leuk/AIDS….”

“They called me Meadow, because I move around the house like a spring breeze in a meadow. That is because I am lithe and agile. If they had a gym for cats, I’d go. One of my fav things is to curl up in something. I will also curl up next to you when you are watching TV. I love to cuddle.

“Trouble told you we were found together and I would love to continue living with him, but I am a big girl and could live on my own too. I have got one quirk you have to know about. I like to have my own little food dish on the floor. In the morning, I will be sitting by your bed waiting for you to put food in my dish.

“I am a three-year-old, brown tabby female, spayed and de-clawed. I have to remain inside as I can not fend for myself in the cruel outside world without claws. But I do not want to go outside, I just want to cuddle with you. I get Purina One dry food, all varieties, and sometimes Friskies which is yummy. I am up to date on my vaccinations and I am negative for Leuk/AIDS. I would love to come live with you.

“Please contact our very sad mommy, Nike Chillemi at 718-339-9264 (answering machine). Mention Muffin’s referred you. Purrs.”


WHAT to DO with RECALLED PET FOOD – Immediately stop feeding your pet a recalled food. Get a new one, similar to the called-back food and gradually introduce the product.

Observe and check for signs of illness. If you notice symptoms of loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, discolored urine, trouble breathing or moving, or organ failure, call the veterinarian. Contact the FDA and the pet food manufacturer and keep all records. Take photos, keep samples of the poisoned foods, and save all vet records.

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