Muffin’s Pet Connection: Cracking down on pet theft and animal abuse

MEEOW MEEOW…HEY JUDE:  “ZaniKelli Hoover begs to be vacuumed, all over her body and even her head and ears. Recently, Kelli, a four-year-old orange tabby, lost an eye to an infection. She is spayed, vaccinated and very sweet with people and other cats.

“The beautician in Kelli enjoys sitting behind her foster mom, playing with her hair. If you are interested in a very pretty kitty filling your heart and your life with an ocean of purrs, then please fill out an application on our home page and return

“Please note: young kittens must be adopted in pairs or to households with another young playful cat or kitten to ensure proper socialization and companionship. There are NO exceptions. If you would prefer a solo cat, we would be happy to recommend those cats who would do best as solo cats. We recommend reading Please visit our homepage for more information about Zani’s Furry Friends (links for applications & donations on home page).”



“Trouble: three-year-old, male cat, neutered, de-clawed (must be an inside cat only). Up-to-date on all shots. Tested negative for Leuk/AIDS. He is orange and white with a fluffy tail and looks like Puss ‘n Boots in the movie “Shrek.” He is playful, and gets along with other cats and dogs. He eats dry food, usually Purina One, but he loves Friskies. The reason I am giving him up is I am a senior citizen with multiple cats. I am moving to Florida and can only take some of them. It is breaking my heart, but I have to try to adopt out some of them.

“Meadow: three-year- old female, cat, spayed, de-clawed (must be an inside cat only). Up-to-date on vaccinations. Tested negative for Leuk/AIDS. She is a lovely light brown tabby. She is lithe and agile, is affectionate with humans, loves to cuddle, lives with other cats and a dog. Meadow is always curling up in something. She likes to have her own food dish on the floor and she will be sitting by the bed in the morning waiting to get fed. She eats dry food, usually Purina One, but she loves Friskies. Trouble and Meadow must be placed, as I mentioned, as I am moving to Florida and can only take some of my cats. It is with a heavy heart that I write this, Jude, but I have no choice.  Please help me to adopt out Trouble and Meadow.” — Nike Chillemi, 718-339-9264 (answering machine).


ALERTS: New York State cracks down on pet theft and animal abuse… Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed new legislation for pet theft and mistreatment. Anyone who steals pets in New YorkState faces fines up to $1,000. In line with a provision included within the legislation, pet thieves could also face jail time. Hopefully, these new laws will help prevent stealing house pets, decreasing levels of abuse animals are put through by breeders and dealers.


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