Muffin’s Pet Connection: Meet Charcoal and Misty

Hey Jude, we need homes.  PURRS… help us…

“Charcoal and Misty, are fixed, and in good health. Their medical records will be given to the new owner. They are a brother and sister bonded by love. Please do not separate them. They would do great in a household as the only cats because the boy tends to fight when he is with other cats.

“The girl is Misty. The other one is Charcoal. I appreciate your help in getting them into a forever home.  Thank you.” — Carole Belletty, 646-267-7420; Home: 347-405-9437.


“Brooklyn is a big sweet two to four-year-old goofy boy who also loves being a house cat. He is black and white, healthy, vetted, neutered and micro-chipped. He likes to sit in your lap for petting, and wants to sleep on the bed with you at night. He was a rescue from a Craig’s List posting, offering him up to the first person who came by to pick him up, for free.

“Luckily he ended up with us. He was being kept in a cold, dank, detached garage, with a cement floor, no bed, in complete darkness, no windows, in East New York. His owner had returned home to his country, and left him behind. To meet Brooklyn please email!”


‘ELSA is a sassy brown tabby cat that has endless play drive and would love a stimulating environment. She purrs, is affectionate and tends to bond to one or two favorite people. Elsa does not like dogs or other cats. She was rescued from the street in midtown Manhattan. No cat should be adopted only as a mouser, but she is a champion in that regard.

“For info about meeting  or adopting her, please visit PETS/NYC-METRO PETS at 594 Ninth Avenue between 42-43rd Streets in Manhattan, 212 757-2924, or email for a chaperoned visit.”


“MIDNITE is a sweet, shiny black, petite cat that lives outside and came to one of our cat colonies pregnant. She, and the others of this colony, are going to be displaced very soon by construction. As she will have to be moved in the next six months anyway, this would be a great time for her to find a loving home.

“She is healthy and friendly enough to be picked up, but she is still shy as she has been living outside for quite a while. I think Miidnite will adjust well to indoors, but would not recommend her for a first time cat owner. She would also do well in a yard or barn, with one of the others from the colony.

“If you have that type of option, please get in touch. Also, forward this to others and share. Thanks so much.” — Suprina, 917-334-5357.

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