We The People: The most dangerous man in America?

Is Senator Rafael E. Cruz (R-Texas) the most dangerous man in America?

Republican Senator Cruz wants to be the latest “take-no-prisoners” hero of the extreme right wing of America. Rafael Edward Cruz, the son of a Cuban refugee father and American mother, was born in Canada. His father, Rafael Cruz, said that President Obama should go back to Kenya although Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii, the son of an immigrant father and American mother.

“Ted” Cruz wants to be the next President of the United States of America. He has been described as an opportunist, desperate for power, who would happily orchestrate the complete collapse of government if it guaranteed him success in 2016.

He has opposed sensible gun control law, led the shutdown of the government over Obamacare and is opposed to immigration reform in America. In October, 2013, he crowed, “the government shutdown was a success,” and in January, 2014, he flip-flopped, saying, “I did not shut down the government.” He is a danger to responsible government, reasonable gun regulation, sensible foreign policy and immigration law reform.

He is also a threat to conservatives in America. Conservatives who believe that democracy is better served by smaller government and who oppose liberal social policies have always had a place in the political process in America. There must be reasonable debate followed by negotiation and compromise if America is to develop sound policies that provide for the needs of all Americans.

The partisan rhetoric of discord spouted by Cruz has supplanted debate which has frustrated all citizens regardless of political philosophy. A map to prosperity and equal opportunity with protection of our liberty is all that a liberal or conservative voter needs from a leader. Ted Cruz is planning a presidential campaign for 2016 and every statement out of his mouth will be designed to further his personal ambition.

The Islamist revolution in the Middle East prompted President Obama to address the nation on the eve of 9/11 to outline the next steps America will take against ISIS. The president properly avoided strategic details and called for increased military action as well as cooperation with allies in the region.

Ted Cruz’s response: “Tonight’s speech was disappointing, but not surprising. The president’s approach to ISIS has been – and remains – fundamentally unserious,” and “We should destroy ISIS altogether, using overwhelming air power to ensure they cannot bring jihad to America.” He added, “[that] it is extremely unwise to suggest … strategy be contingent on any kind of broad coalition building[.]”

Senator Lindsey Graham insists the president must get “boots on the ground” in Syria and Iraq. This is the same strategy that George W. Bush assured us guaranteed “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” in 2003.

Mr. Cruz is a brilliant lawyer and cunning strategist who has mastered the art of divisive politics. His lack of empathy for the working class in America plays well with the billionaire financial supporters of the Tea Party. The Tea Party with Cruz at its helm, combined with significant funding has the potential to threaten seriously democracy in America.

Will the conviction of Diana Durand, Congressmember Michael Grimm’s friend and fundraiser, lead to additional charges against Mr. Grimm? The New York Post reported that Grimm is confident that he will win reelection in November despite the conviction of his fundraiser or his own trial on 20 counts of fraud and tax evasion.

Mr. Grimm broadcast a video on 9/11 mocking the president’s address to the nation about ISIS. He stated that the plan was unclear and questioned whether his challenger Domenic Recchia would support presidential policies. Mr. Recchia’s office responded when asked about the video that Mr. Recchia would not address politics on a somber day of memorials. The blatant political ploy on a day of memorials did not provide a foolproof strategy for success in the war-torn region.

State Senator Golden has been aggressively supporting Grimm in his reelection bid supposedly to counter “the very liberal policies of the Obama administration.” However, he has not said what it is that Grimm will be able to do or how the effort in the reelection campaign will benefit the constituents of the 22nd state senatorial district.

Some speculate the extensive support for the embattled Grimm is a preview of a run for the congressional seat in 2016. What the constituents in the district could use is more funding for schools and cultural institutions like that provided by Borough President Eric Adams.

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