Brooklyn DA pledges to investigate three more claims of police brutality

Three cell phone videos that show police officers allegedly robbing and assaulting Brooklyn residents have triggered a pledge “to conduct fair and thorough investigations into each and every one of them,” said Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson.

Thompson said that the videos “capture important events [that] are troubling” and “if any police officer has crossed the line, we have to hold them accountable.”

A June 4 video shows a plain-clothes officer hit a teenager who was already on the ground in Clinton Hill. An August 29 video shows two officers in Bedford-Stuyvesant punching and then pistol-whipping a teenager who had his hands up. A September 16 video shows an officer in Coney Island take a wad of $1,300 in cash from a man and then pepper spray him and his sister in the face and mouth when they protested.

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