ETIQUETTE BOSS: Restaurant Etiquette Quiz

Q: What does ‘A la carte’ on a menu mean?

Q: When your dessert is accompanied presented with a spoon and fork, which utensil do you use for eating?

Q: Who orders the wine when I am dining with others at a restaurant?

Q: Should I pick up a knife or fork that has fallen to the floor?

Q: What is the correct way to place crackers in my soup?

Q: What should I do first if my food is too hot to swallow?’

Q: What is the “three finger” rule?

Q: What is the correct manner of eating bread with pasta sauce?

Q: When the napkin is placed on a bread plate, which one should you place on your lap?

Q: What is the best way to pay the bill for a guest without a “bill grabbing” session at the end of the meal?


1-Each item on the plate is priced separately.

2-The spoon is used for eating. The fork is used to push the dessert onto the spoon. The same method applies in cultures that eat all food with a spoon.

3-The person who is paying the tab should order any bottled wine.

4-It should be left under the table and another requested.

5-Break crackers; do not crumble.

6-A sip of water/beverage immediately cools the heat.

7-Pick grapes, candy, cookies, etc. with three fingers. It prevents ‘grabbing’ with all five fingers.

8-Pasta sauce should be sopped and not wiped with the bread.

9-The napkin to your left, as the bread plate to your left belongs to you.

10-Excuse yourself from the table as if going to the bathroom (after ordering dessert) and pay the bill before it is brought to the table. A credit card can also be lodged before the meal; sign and collect during dessert.

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