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                1. — On which side of the plate should you leave your napkin when your meal is finished?

2. — Is it proper etiquette for your wrists to be on the table during a meal?

3. — Should soup be spooned toward or away from you?

4. — Are you allowed to tilt the soup bowl when it runs low?

5. — Which bread plate belongs to you … the one to your right or left?

6. — During a dinner, which guest seat is considered the ‘seat of honor?’’

7. — What is the significance of the label “bone china” behind a dinner plate?

8. –When are French Fries not considered a ‘finger food’?

9. –How many fingers should be used to pick up your ‘finger food’?

                10. –When should you use the spoon or fork that is placed above your plate?



1-Left. 2Wrists are allowed, elbows are not. 3-Away. 4-Yes – the bowl should be tilted away from your body. 5-Left. 6-The seat to the right of the host. 7-The plate contains up to 50 percent of ground animal bones in its composition. 8-When the fries are a part of a meal that is not a finger food: e.g. fish and chips. 9-Three fingers. 10-After the entrée is removed. The utensils above the plate should be pulled down to dining position.


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Phillipa Morrish is the president of Etiquette Training International.

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