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OMGoodness – It’s kitten jamboree. Conpawtulations to which rescued, cared for, vetted, fed, loved and nurtured oodles of loving kittens. Now, they are ready to give their purring hearts to the right someone…could that incredible person be you?

Would you like to be adopted by precious bundles of cuteness, never-ending fun, hysterical antics that tickle your funny bones? Would you like a relationship with a furry friend who could elevate your heart on a journey of non-stop love?

If your answer is a resounding YES, then please contact IttyBittyKitty NY at 1-917-889-5896 for information about Sugar, Stella and Sasha. Adoption Fee: $75. per cat. Mention The Home Reporter and The Spectator newspapers.

Sugar is a super sweet, low-maintenance adult lap-cat. Happily, all of her kittens have been adopted, but sadly she is being over-looked by potential adopters, even though she is the sweetest lap-cat you will even meet. Sugar is even more beautiful in person so please come meet and greet her.

She had four kittens when she was not much more than a kitten herself. This super friendly, people-loving and animal-loving girl is done with child-rearing and is ready to play and cuddle with you every night of the week. Everything medically is done. FIV and FELV — negative, tested and vaccinated.

To offset the food and medical costs, an adoption fee is requested; a hard cat carrier is required when taking Sugar home. Please consider adopting your next furry friend from IttBittyKittyNY…

HEY STELLA…Stella was rescued from the backyard of a man in the Bronx, who was trying to care for cats, while his neighbors cruelly wanted them removed. She is a very loving, timid cat, who enjoys being caressed. Stella is about a year old, spayed, vaccinated and tested negative for Aids/Leuk. Her beautiful pastel tortoiseshell body is  highlighted by big almond shaped, amber colored eyes.

Stella is a very engaging cat who craves attention, and loves playing with her cat-toys. Please consider adopting Stella from Itty Bitty Kitty NY, by contacting them via their website at, by checking them out at their Facebook/ page at Ittybittykitty NY, or by calling them at 1-917-889-5896.

HEY JUDE: Two-year old Sasha was adopted by a couple who decided to give her a bath, instead of using cat wipes on her. She was traumatized by the water, and poor Sasha was returned. Therefore, IttyBittyKitty’s only wish for her is to be adopted into a caring, gentle household, which will protect and love her forever.

Sasha is absolutely gorgeous. She walks with pride and grace. Her beautiful gray long hair silhouettes  a  graceful dance performance, by lifting and lowering each paw slowly with the delicacy of a ballet dancer.

Everything has been done. She is spayed, tested (FELV and FIV — negative), and vaccinated. She is a bit shy, but enjoys being petted and gentle chin rubs.

Please consider adopting from Itty Bitty Kitty NY, by calling them at 1-917-889-5896 An adoption fee is requested, and a hard cat carrier is required.  They are more beautiful in person, and super loving cats. Please schedule a meet and greet. Share their world beside you. Lots of their mama cats have been loving and socializing their kitties so that they can live happy well-adjusted cat lives — with you!


MAYOR’S ALLIANCE for NYC’s Animals mobile pet adoption van — Saturday, December 6, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. at VCA Bay Ridge Animal Hospital, 6803 Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn, to meet your new best friend!  Cats from Brooklyn Animal Action will be available for adoption.


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