Jean Danet still baking for Bay Ridge

Fifth Avenue’s Jean Danet Bakery, just off the corner of 76th Street, has been in business for more than 40 years, serving up French pastries, custom cakes and a big ol’ slice of tradition.

“In a time when a lot of people opt for supermarket cakes and baked goods, we’re still a family-style neighborhood bakery,” said owner Pat Giura, a local resident, husband, father-of-two and graduate of the French Culinary Institute and certified Wilton Cake Decorator who decided to keep the business intact – name, recipes and all – when his family bought the store in 1998. “It’s something worth holding onto.”

From freshly made cakes, pastries, cookies and pies to fresh-out-of-the-oven breads and hand-crafted cakes for special occasions (including the sweet-shop’s signature turkey cake, complete with pignoli cream stuffing), Jean Danet does it all, and they’re no stranger to the nabe.

“It’s a multi-generational business for sure,” said Giura noting that he and his staff know more than a handful of loyal customers on a first-name basis. “I once had a girl that worked for me, and I made her Sweet 16 cake. Recently, she walked in here and I made her a wedding cake.”

Customer favorites include (but certainly aren’t limited to) the shop’s carrot cake cupcakes, traditional rainbow cookies and – this season, especially – a good old fashioned pumpkin pie.

At the end of the day, those behind the long-standing local treasure just hope Jean Danet can stay afloat amidst big name stores this holiday season.

“Basically, we’ve been here serving the community for a long time,” said Giura, adding that Jean Danet offers a sizeable discount for men and women currently serving in the military. “We hope that during the holiday season, people decide to shop small and at a local business like ours that’s been here forever.”


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