Parkville Broncos beat Giants 14-6

PYO Broncos 14 Giants 6

There was only one score in the first quarter in the Broncos/Giants rumble. Sean “Can Do” Asaeda launched a 25-yard rocket and hit Julio Felix as cool as a matador red ‘57 Chevy ragtop in Mitchell’s drive-in on a Friday night.

Before the end of the first quarter, the Giants tried a comeback with a pass attempt but they didn’t consider the powerful Liam “Hammer Time” McEvilley to make a slick interception.

The Giants did put their act together in the second quarter. With less than a minute on the clock, Sakye Mercado received a Bronco punt and charged down field 35 yards to sacred soil. It was a magnificent run, breaking tackle and changing directions along the way.

The half ended 6-all but some players left a lasting impression with their outstanding performances, including McEvilley, Matthew “Sure Thing” Sciarrone of the Broncos and Justin Burgos, John Greco, Mercado and Vincent “The Enforcer” Delgatto who was especially fearless and most aggressive.

Photos courtesy of Bob Cavaliere
Photos courtesy of Bob Cavaliere

The Broncos stepped up their game in the third quarter when Julio Felip made an awesome pass interception. Asaeda capitalized on that with guts and muscle. He took the snap and on a power play went up the middle, breaking three tackles and scoring the second Bronco touchdown. Anthony “Mad Dog” D’Egidio added two points with his after point kick, setting the tally at 14 to 6 Broncos.

There was no score in the fourth quarter but plenty of defensive action. Burgos picked up his second quarterback sack, John Greco didn’t let up a second and made six awesome textbook tackles and Mercado was a constant threat to the Bronco advance.

“Sure Thing” Sciarrone was as fierce as ever, “Hammer Time” McEvilley was a force the Giants could not conquer and was credited with a brutal sack. Finally, there was John “Bull Dog” Von Weken. His performance was the ultimate inspiration for his team.

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