Street Talk: How do you feel about the proposal by the City Council to require stores to charge customers 10 cents for plastic shopping bags?


I don’t like the idea paying extra money on top of the groceries I buy. It all adds up and we pay enough as it is.

Bo P.
Bay Ridge

Full prices at the supermarket are high enough. Plus, I reuse those plastic for laundry, litter and I recycle them.

Sandy P.
Bay Ridge

I think it would be a great idea. I currently use reusable bags anyway.

Esther R.
Bay Ridge

It’s a bad idea. It’s not convenient to the customers. We are having enough financial hardships as it is. The money adds up.

Patricia F.
Bay Ridge

I don’t like it because I don’t like using reusable bags. And if they are going to tax 10 cents for plastic bags, the stores should provide stronger, more durable bags.

Joe O.
Bay Ridge

I think it’s a good idea because you see the littering of plastic bags on the streets and floating everywhere. The tax can push people to take care of the environment.

Gene B.
Bay Ridge

I dislike the idea because I depend on those plastic bags and I reuse them and take out garbage with them and recycle them.

Carmen D.
Park Slope

I don’t think it’s right. It just seems like it’s more about money and taxing and less about helping the environment.

Ella Z.
Staten Island

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