Etiquette Boss: Anniversary gift giving traditions

Gift certificates have taken the place of gift giving for many who do not want to purchase a gift that is not appreciated. However, there is still a place for thoughtful gifts that are keepsakes, cherished long after the giver has left the scene.

Here are some suggestions for giving that type of anniversary gift:

  • First Year Anniversary: Paper – A framed photograph or painting of the couple, or a print that is in keeping with their taste in art, would be appropriate for a first year anniversary. Couples who read might love a leather bound classic.
  • Fifth Year Anniversary: Wood – A gift of wood symbolizes that the marriage is strong and lasting. A personalized wooden sign, such as the surname of the couple engraved in wood, book ends, a tree to be planted in their garden (if they have one) or a beautiful wooden salad bowl set are some suggestions.
  • 10th Year Anniversary: Tin or Aluminum – Flexible-yet-durable is symbolized with gifts for the 10th anniversary. A beautiful tin or aluminum tub for cold beverages, or a game enclosed in a tin case, is appropriate. The color is silver, so if it is a gift for a spouse, silver or diamonds would be perfect.
  • 20th Year Anniversary: China or Platinum – Symbolizes the timelessness and delicacy of the marriage. Personalized porcelain plates are very appropriate, or jewelry in platinum if the recipient is a spouse or family member.

BEAUTY TIPS:   One Month Anti-Aging Experiment

January is the perfect time to begin a new beauty regimen. I have decided to share my new beauty program with you. I will print one part of it every week.

Purchase one jar of Vitamin C powder from a health food store (not crystals, as they are difficult to melt) and a bottle of glycerin. Every night for this week, mix a quarter teaspoon of the powder in two teaspoons water and add two drops of the glycerin. Apply with a cotton pad to face, neck and the backs of hands. Wait 10 minutes before applying your nightly moisturizer.

Phillipa Morrish is the president of Etiquette Training International.

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