Etiquette Boss: Etiquette quiz

Etiquette quiz – Test your knowledge

  1. If my cocktail drink is not finished, can I take the glass to the dining room?
  2. At a dining room table, should a man seat the woman on his left or right?
  3. How many fingers should be used to pick up finger food?
  4. When should French fries be eaten with fingers? When with a knife and fork?
  5. When should pizza be eaten with fingers? When with a knife and fork?
  6. When should kabobs be eaten on a stick? When with a knife and fork?
  7. Food served from a platter during cocktails should be placed on a______before eating.
  8. The bread plate to my ______ belongs to me.
  9. Condiments, such as ketchup, butter, jam should be placed on a ______before food.
  10. What is it appropriate to begin eating at a buffet?
  11. When is it appropriate to begin eating at a dinner table of 12 or less?
  12. Answers: (a) No. An extra glass can upset the table setting. (b) To his left. (c) Three. (d) French fries are eaten in the manner of the main dish: fingers with hamburgers, knife and fork with fish and chips. (e) Pizza: fingers for informal occasions and knife and fork for more formal occasions. (f) Kabobs follow the same rules as pizza. (g) Saucer. (h) Left. (i) Side of the plate. (j) When half of the table returns. (k) When the entire table is served.

Beauty Tips – A Beautiful Neck

Pretend you are a turtle. Push your neck out as far as it can comfortably go without moving your shoulder. Hold for six seconds and slowly pull back your neck as far as it can come toward your throat. Hold for six seconds. That’s one round. Relax and repeat six times.

Purchase a lightweight terry (hand) towel and dip in warm water. Twist it into the shape of a rope and see-saw it gently under your chin with upward and outward motions. Go easy with this and other exercises until you build up tolerance. Stop when you feel discomfort. Apply a small amount of olive oil before and after exercises.

As you awaken each morning, help tighten or prevent the “turkey wattle” under your neck by lying to the edge of the bed or lying on the bed with a pillow under your shoulder only. Let your head hang (the pillow is gentler) and raise it slowly. Lower gently for 10 reps.

Phillipa Morrish is the President of Etiquette Training International.

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