Home Reporter talks Liam Neeson with Little Cupcake

The entire country was tuning in to Bay Ridge as local bakery Little Cupcake Bakeshop, 9102 Third Avenue, was the backdrop for actor Liam Neeson’s fan-favorite Big Game commercial on Sunday, February 1.

The 60-second advertisement for “freemium” mobile multi-player strategy video game Clash of Clans showed the Irish actor channeling his lead role in the “Taken” trilogy, all while ordering a scone from Bay Ridge’s own.

“It was so exciting to know so many people recognized our shop in the commercial,” Little Cupcake Co-Founder and Chef Sal LoBuglio told The Home Reporter. “I was getting phone calls all night, and customers are still calling the shop saying how excited they were to see the bakeshop on TV’s biggest night.”

When asked why Little Cupcake, and why the Bay Ridge location (Little Cupcake has three), LoBuglio said the shop was chosen for its homey feel and, of course, its goods.

“The producers said they scouted every bakery in New York City,” the Brooklyn baker said. “They decided on Little Cupcake Bay Ridge because of its look, feel and most importantly its reputation for great dessert.”

LoBuglio, a co-star to Neeson in the commercial, is just as happy to add “actor” to his resume as he was to work alongside the Hollywood hot shot.

“He has this presence about him, in an incredibly great way, that’s tougher than the characters he portrays on the big screen, but at the same time, is the nicest and gentlest guy in the world,” the Ridgeite said of Neeson, who was spotted filming the slot by Third Avenue residents back in December. “He made us feel like we were lifelong friends.”

The commercial – given an A++ grade from Bleacher Report for standing out among the rest – is still gaining traction, LoBuglio said.

“Feedback has been non-stop,” he said. “We are still fielding phone calls from friends and customers saying how happy they were to see their favorite bakery on TV’s biggest night.”

Still haven’t seen it? Check it out below.

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