Unsung Bay Ridge: A life of giving


I have selected Louis Peters to be our unsung hero of the week. I have known Louis since he was an eight year old, playing in the 68th Precinct Youth Council. He and his brother, Noel, were raised by a great, community-minded mom.

Louis was always busy helping his neighbors. It came as no surprise when he started coaching kids in baseball. I was privileged to see him working with his brother in our community, as he helped raise funds for the Bayfort Association charity year after year. They were never in the forefront, just lending a helping hand wherever needed.

With his loving wife Alice by his side, they help neighbors in need on their block, as well as those in the wider community. Vacations are usually postponed until after the holidays, because Christmas is the busiest time in sharing donations from the Bayforts to those in need. This recognition is long overdue for a family that believes in giving back to the community.


I am excited about walking our very own red carpet on Oscar Awards night, February 22. The Bay Ridge Oscar Awards night is back. It is as close as many of us will come to  the Hollywood celebrity atmosphere. The awards are broadcast live, and  you and your friends judge who will win in each category. It is a formal to black tie optional event, with red carpet interviews, and the entire Hollywood scenario at the Bay Ridge Manor, 476-76th Street.

Robert Howe, president of the Merchants of Third Avenue, will receive the Bay Ridge Lifetime Achievement Award for his  lifelong contributions to the Bay Ridge community. Tickets are $100 per person, and they are going fast. If you would like to attend, please call Larry Morrish at 917-836-3628 for reservations.


It is said that nothing benefits your eyes as much as a splash of clean, cold mineral water every morning.

If you use the computer or any electronic device constantly, your eyes become tired and strained. Cut potato slices thin and slice them crosswise. Lie with them on your closed eyelids until the slices feel less moist. It is said that this will also help to remove dark circles from under the eyes and shrink under-eye sags.

Please consult your doctor if you have any health concerns or are on any medication.

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