Unsung Bay Ridge: All for the kids


I have selected Artie Mayrose to be our unsung hero of the week. Artie is a life-long Bay Ridge resident and a dedicated member of St. Patrick’s parish, dedicating his energies to benefit the children of the parish.

He was a key member in the development of St. Patrick’s Field, when it was created on 101st Street and Fourth Avenue. The field provided space for activities to benefit hundreds of children from all of Bay Ridge. Artie led the way with a team of volunteers and fundraisers, until the project was realized. Today the field has moved to Shore Road, but the children still have a great place to play sports.

Artie and his loving wife, Eileen (Forsythe) raised four children and now enjoy their 13 grandchildren. He is especially proud of his grandson Connor, who is a gifted singer, delighting audiences as he sings with the Rhapsody Players. It is residents like Artie and Eileen who help to make our community a better place in which to live.


Congratulations to a true American patriot, who has been named the grand marshal of the 2015 Memorial Day Parade.  Howard Dunn needs no introduction to the Bay Ridge community, as he ceaselessly works for our veterans and active military. I look forward to marching with him as we celebrate the sacrifices of our military.

I was delighted to hear that Eric Rodriguez, former commander of the 68th Precinct, has been promoted to deputy chief of the NYPD.  His tenure is still positively remembered in Bay Ridge, and we wish him all the best in his new position.


Dr. John Ray Christopher, a herbalist from Utah, said in an interview; “When I was 35, the doctors said I would be dead by 43 … I suffered from hardening of the arteries, crippling arthritis, stomach ulcers and was also the victim of two horrible auto accidents.”

Christopher was told of the healing power of cayenne pepper. He started to take half of a teaspoon mixed with water. He built up a tolerance until he could take a full teaspoon in water. Ten years later, as he continued this treatment, he was told by one doctor that he had the venous structure of a young man. He credits cayenne with curing him of his crippling illnesses.

Please consult your doctor if you have any health concerns, or are on any medication.

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