Brooklyn Education: PS/IS 192 Zumba show

On March 10 and 11, middle school students at P.S./I.S. 192, the Magnet School for Math and Science Inquiry, gave a high-energy Zumba performance that took the audience around the world.

This show and the after-school program that made it possible were coordinated by middle school science teacher and certified Zumba instructor Mrs. Joseph-Horn with support from Mrs. Isaac, principal, and Mrs. Pagliaro, Mrs. Pecoraro and Mrs. Kraljev, assistant principals.

The students are able to participate in this after-school program with the help of CHAMPS Middle School Sports and Fitness League, an initiative of the New York City Department of Education that promotes student physical activity during the years of middle school. The name CHAMPS stands for the five characteristics that describe the participants: Cooperative, Healthy, Active, Motivated and Positive Students.

Since October, the students in the program have worked on these five characteristics while also memorizing dance steps and developing leadership skills. Their confidence has grown. One student in particular, eighth grader Skyla Medina, has been part of the program for three years and choreographed her own dance this year!


Fontbonne Hall Academy has initiated a Guest Speaker Circuit, a program in which experts in a variety of fields are invited to address students in class, at year meetings, after school or during school-wide assemblies.

One recent speaker was Emily Raleigh, a Fordham University junior and founder/CEO of “Smart Girls Group” who won an entrepreneur grant from the Kenneth Cole Foundation. Her organization’s mission is to empower young women to “find their smarts.” Her visit was hosted by the National Honor Society.

The senior class year coordinators, Jenna Caufield and Laura Barton, have invited several speakers throughout the school year to address seniors on a variety of topics related to college life and careers.

Bonnies for Health, a club moderated by School Nurse Fran Essex, hosted Jenny Hancher, who spoke at year meetings and in science classes about The ENPOWR Project (Endometriosis Nation Promoting Outreach and Wide Recognition). Science teacher Laura Barton co-hosted the visit.

A school-wide assembly in March featured John Halligan, who presented an intimate and compelling anti-bullying message through “Ryan’s Story.” The next assembly scheduled will feature Katherine Preston, the author of Out With It: How Stuttering Helped Me Find My Voice.

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