FilmRise latest thriving business to join Industry City

Sunset Park’s Industry City continues to grow.

This past October, the facility welcomed one of its newest tenants, digital distribution company FilmRise, distributor of such notable shows as Showtime’s Emmy Award-winning series “Years of Living Dangerously.” On Wednesday, February 25, the company held a party to celebrate its new 5,000-square-foot industrial office space. Attendees were treated to food and drink as well as an art exhibit.

President of FilmRise, Jack Fisher discussed the process of moving to the growing area. Before the move, Fisher’s company was operating out of the basement of his brother Danny’s brownstone in Park Slope. “We build the basement to be like an editing room, and that was a whole company that started out just with the two of us. Then we had 12 people working suddenly.”

Once FilmRise experienced its rapid success, relocation was necessary and according to Fisher, Sunset was a natural fit. “When I discovered Industry City, it was like eureka moment for me,” he said, adding that he’s been making films and television shows for most of his career. “It’s exactly what I’m about, which is the artistic side and the industrial side. I know that to create a work of art in film, it takes a combination of vision and creativity and a hands-on industrial type of mentality.”

Fisher likened the up and coming space to popular Manhattan spots. “I just loved the juxtaposition of the industry and art that was happening here. They’re really creating another Chelsea Piers type of experience here where you have the industry happening in the background and you have a retail component to it, so it’s pretty amazing. They’re putting so much money into it.”

The space includes tech rooms, a pool table, art displayed by artist Joe

Fisher (Jack’s brother) and 100-year-old wood floors. Fisher also loves the views from the space. “I come to work every day and just look at the incredible views. I’m thrilled to be here. Just don’t tell that to the Industry City people or they may raise my rent,” he joked.

Creating the right space included lots of construction with the help of architect Lester Evan Tour. “We wanted to keep the open space and be able to see the view from anywhere and yet we needed a couple of closed spaces like the tech room,” Fisher explained.

Tour also noted the significant role Sunset will play in the future. “It’s such a great area. Everything else has gotten so expensive and people are just being pushed further and further away from core of Manhattan,” he said. “Now, Brooklyn has become that new frontier. It’s absolutely growing. I’ve hung out a lot in Sunset Park. I’m very partial to it because it’s not overly developed. It’s not overly gentrified and I love it.”

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